Me and Maine Photography

While I’m working on my new website for my nature, landscape, and portraiture photography, I’m setting this blog post for a home for booking photography sessions here in Maine.

My booking site is Setmore. Currently, I’m figuring out how it works and soon I will be bookable via the Internet.

For now, if you want a portait of your beautiful self, one of my “Real Life Sessions”, with your family, however big or small, whether it’s you and your pets, a couple, or a large loving family, done in your home or at a gorgeous Maine spot of our choosing… plus engagement portraits, or “New Little One” baby to child photography sessions, please call me (Robin) at 207.266.4775. I travel throughout Downeast Maine to do my work.


For my old Cav and Cod fans… I’m finally getting those links all hooked up to the right posts, it’s slogging work but coming along. LOL, I really wish now I hadn’t been so creative with my post titles and just written the recipe, it took me forever to find a sorbet dish that ended up having a title post having nothing whatsoever to do with sorbet! But, soon, I can pay myself on the back for getting it done (and stop hating those hackers who stole the site from its original home)… after that I’ll get to my sidebar links working so if you’re every in NJ, or PA, you’ll find some great farmers and makers (and a few of my favorite NYC restaurants.)

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