Our little carnivore.

I’d been holding back from posting about the newest member of our family but I snuck up on Muntz filtching chicken from our dinner plates the other night and oo! This is food-related! I can post this on my blog!

Jim found Muntz in the middle of the road a few weeks ago; his mother was crossing the road with him in her mouth but she dropped him when she saw oncoming traffic.  Jim saved him from the road, tried to find the mother, and knocked on a few doors before taking him to the vet and then home to meet me, Champ, and our other rescued cat, Lillian.  We had the silly notion that we’d find him a home or bring him to a rescue shelter but come on, look at that face; we knew we’d keep him by the second day.

Muntz was three weeks old when we saved him, and three weeks later he’s twice the size, five times as feisty, and already a real gourmet.  We feed him a very fancy, all natural cat food, but he’s still constantly hunting for our leftovers.  The chicken was marinated in Chinese five-spice and garlic before cooking under the broiler.  I don’t imagine much was left on those bones but you can’t blame a kitten for trying.

27 thoughts on “Our little carnivore.”

  1. Robin, that little guy is adorable. You never stood a chance at saying goodbye to him. I don’t even like cats but you have me rethinking my previous bias towards them…

  2. congrats on the new adorable addition to your family! i love how he fits on the plate like that. reminds me of the time we found our kitty with her head buried in a bowl of chicken left out on the counter.

  3. Congratulations! Muntz is very cute. One of my kitties, Reese, used to be a notorious thief of my not-so-leftovers. Now, the only thing that gets him going other than his own food is a Chik-fil-a sandwich. I don’t thinks he’s as much of a gourmand. 🙂

  4. Oh!!! He’s sooooo tiny and adorable. Thank you for saving him. Thank you for sharing him with the rest of us. What a sweet little kitteh. Love how he’s as big as the plate 🙂

  5. aww. His nose is SO PINK!

    It was great of the two of you to make the effort of looking for his mum and asking around– most people forget that he’s best with his mum and would probably have taken him to an animal rescue center or kept him for themselves without thinking to look for her.

  6. He’s very cute, and that top photo of him is really great! Definitely worth posting, food-related or not.

  7. That top picture is amazing. Just wait: in a couple of years he’ll be pulling an entire turkey off the dining table, as once perpetrated by my aunt and uncle’s cat Gartok. (This is the same cat who, in his later years, lost the use of his hind legs and had to be catered to and fed specially… or so we thought until one morning, when he thought no one was looking, he spied a bird in the back yard and took off after it like a champion sprinter, leaping up to try to catch it at the fence top. When he returned he saw me watching from the porch and realized the jig was up. Cats! You can love ’em all you like, but you can’t trust ’em!)

  8. Gorgeous and adorable! I keep waiting for Watson to do something food related so I can have an excuse to post his pics on the food blog and not just my personal blog. With the exception of jumping into the middle of my Indian leftovers and splashing palak paneer everywhere so far I’ve got nothing. I was obviously too annoyed to snap a photo of the green pawed kitten when he did that.

    I just love Muntz’s eyes in these pictures. He isn’t giving up that chicken no matter what you do 😉

  9. Oh, goodness! Muntz is beyond adorable! I’m a sucker for a cute cat face (have four already — don’t worry, I’m not the crazy cat lady. Can’t be unless I live alone and I don’t!). I’m in the process of trying to rescue one now — looks to be about four weeks old, cries alot, eats the wet food I leave for him/her under the bush, but successfully eludes me. It’s dangerous though — as you point out, they have a way of staying. Thanks for sharing the story — I can totally applaud a foodie feline! .

  10. jonny and i are dying as we look at these pictures. that kitten is beautiful. absolutely beautiful! i can totally see why you kept that little beauty! the story is even better that jim rescued her. i LOVE her!!! i want to dive into the computer. this is worse than seeing a huge pile of greasy fries or bacon on the blog!!!!!

  11. Thank you. I’d just asked AJP Crown if he knew how Muntz was doing, and then Hat happened to link you.

    He’s adorabler than ever. :considers replacing Dummkatz:

    I don’t know if I’ll become a regular reader. I still fear cooking …

  12. I don’t know if I’ll become a regular reader. I still fear cooking …

    We’ll just have to post more Muntz pictures for you then. Though if you saw him action you might start to fear him too. I do.

  13. Ohh my goodness!!!! how cute is he!!!! I need to come by and see him… i cant believe i havent yet! Hope your having a blast in Florida.. cant wait to hear about it… and ill let you know all about Niagara Fallls!

  14. The last photo is truly beautiful. I’m home with the flu, pouring through your blog. Thanks for the welcome reprieve from boredom. I’ll be back, after I kill this bug, when I return to my own kitchen to try out some of your recipes.

  15. Ahhhhhh bless. I had the photo of the little darling on my screen when my own kitten called Trouble snuck up on my laptop and started checking Muntz out as she seemed to be staring at Trouble. The scenario was hysterical. It did take her a few minutes to realise that Muntz wasn’t really there LOL

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