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Last weekend, a bunch of New Jersey food bloggers met for a Indian grocery tour given by Elizabeth Stelling from Cook Appeal in Princeton.  The tour was at an Indian grocery that I knew of, in Plainsboro (right next to the Asian supermarket that we go to for things like duck.)  E gave us a bunch of facts on Indian cooking (she’s worked with Indian food for many years) and we all shopped around for a while, before going off to lunch at an Indian restaurant nearby.

I hadn’t known of all the great blogs in New Jersey; Deb of Jersey Bites and I have talked on and off (internetantly) for a while now, but I was never able to attend one of her events (she organized this one), and I’m so glad to have gone and been introduced to such fine NJ bloggers!

Alex and Brandon of A Food Coma have a fabulously techie blog, equipped with iTunes Podcasts of their cooking show, cute animations, and of course, great food.  They’re both in college and extremely talented and it’ll be exciting to see where they go from here.

John and Lisa from John and Lisa are Eating in South Jersey seriously know their New Jersey stuff.  I’ve had a great time persuing their blog and it’s a go-to for foodie things to do in the garden state.

Vanessa from Chefdruck Musings runs a wonderful, mommy-centric food blog that’s witty and a lot of fun.  And Vanessa is just about the cutest woman on earth.

Lisa from Jersey Girl Cooks runs a pretty blog with food that runs right up my alley, like braised lamb shanks and mandarin and pecan spinach salad.

Melissa from Sable Minded (yes, there were two fishy blog titles at this event) has a blog that’s not food-centric, but fun and informative to read.  And I do need to read something other than recipes every once in a while.

And finally, Deb of Jersey Bites, who organized the whole thing, runs a blog that you need to read if you live in New Jersey and love food.  And hey, you can even sign up for Jersey Biters and talk on the forums with me about the best burger joints.  And  Chef E, as she likes to be called, not only runs a buzzing chef service but also a blog,

Thanks again, Deb, for organizing this, and can’t wait to do something again!

9 thoughts on “NJ Food Bloggers”

  1. I know I’m a dork, but I just have to say, Robin, you look so pretty!! Must be the engagement glow. 😛 I don’t know anyone else in the photo except Lisa (the JG Cooks Lisa). Very cool that you all got to meet one another.

  2. I took a special interest class about International cuisine and it included a tour of ethnic markets. This was long before the blog, and the extensive interest in ethnic cuisine, although it sure fueled it. Something like that would be so much fun for MN food bloggers.

  3. OMG you are all adorable! This post makes me feel all warm in side! Food bloggers getting together! So cool, sometimes I feel like I am from NJ just because my home town was so close to Vernon. Sigh:)

  4. This is kind of on topic. What do you think of Madhur Jaffrey’s cooking books? For some reason I think she lives in NJ.

    1. Not sure if she lives in NJ, but I do love her cookbooks. I don’t do all that much Indian cooking, but if I’m going to make something going off a recipe, it would be hers. I have two cookbooks and they’re both great. Have tried a potato cauliflower curry of hers that was delicious.

  5. I forgot to come over here and thank you for the write up…hope it was a good learning experience, and I like how you put our names on there! My assistant is Ang…Thanks!

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