25 Random Things.

This morning, I sat down to write the 25 Random Things About Me thingy that’s been rollicking around the Facebook world.  I wasn’t expecting to post it, or even finish it, but since I did finish, I figured I’d let you see.  It’s mostly boring, and not all that much about food; it’s 25 random things about me.

1.  I have a poster I made in preschool that says I love ladybugs.

2.  I hate ladybugs.

3.  I’m a dreadful liar, except for, I guess, when I was in preschool.

4.  I had an octopus salad with oven-roasted tomatoes and lemon at Saul in Brooklyn the other day and it was once of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

5.  Other than the smoked-beet and halibut dish that I had at Saul a year ago.

6.  I like magic realism.

7.  I can’t do math.  At all.  I took elementary math in college and realized that I had been multipling in a very strange way since grade school.

8.  I was a different person before meeting Jim.  I didn’t read the New York Review of Books.  Or go to fancy restaurants.  I drank at punk-rock bars, worked at a bookstore, and thought of myself as “Indie.”

9.  I never think I’m good enough.  And I’ve learned that it’s actually a good thing.  Motivating even, if a little scary.

10. I met my first boyfriend on vacation in Florida.  I had a black bathing suit that made me look gorgeous (for an 11 year old).  My dad did not like my super-cool 14-year old Florida boyfriend, Nate.  Nate wrote me a letter saying “I’m sorry your dad doesn’t like me.  I wish he would.  Because I love you so much Robbin.” He spelled my name wrong. He was preoccupied with the bathing suit.  On the day we left for home, he gave me a peck on the lips (!) before riding off on his bicycle.  I sat down dreamily on the grass and played Boyz 2 Men loudly on my walkman, planning out my future of going to college in Florida, meeting him by chance on campus, reigniting our love, and getting married on the beach.  My mom and I still refer to it as “the summer of the black bathing suit.”

11. I can roast a mean piece of meat.

12. Jim and I fell in love in a little beach shack behind his grandmother’s house in Amagensett, New York.  The house has since been sold.  Everytime I drive by it now, I’d like to sneak back to the shack and smile at it.

13. We fell in love all over again in a cabana on the beach in Hatteras Village.

14. We’re believers that bodies of water make falling in love easy.

15. We live on the Delaware River.

16. And fall in love every time we swim in it.

17. I often grocery shop by making stops at the local butcher, the small farms, the farm markets, and the apple orchard.  In the summer I go down the street to put money in a jar and pick vegetables from the baskets in my neighbor’s shed.

18. I haven’t had a supermarket egg in over a year.

19. The difference between a heirloom carrot and a Cal-Organic carrot is astonishing.

20. Jim is obsessed with language and these blogs.  I never thought I would have a boyfriend who ignored me when there was a good linguist discussion on the internet, rather than a game on the television.  Though he’ll often be just as absorbed in basketball.  He says it’s silly that I chose my favorite basketball players by how nice they seem, or if they dance during their intro at the All-Star Basketball game.  I like Dwight Howard.  He did that Superman thing at the All-Star Basketball game last year. He seems nice.  And has really big shoulders.  So big really, they’re pretty funny to look at, so he’s my favorite.  I hate the players that wear those goggles because then I can’t see their eyes and judge their emotions on the floor.  And that’s the point of basketball, right?

21. I often wish I lived in the Bay Area, so that I could be in the in-crowd of food bloggers. (I assume they’d take me in.)

22. Though I’m content to share meals with them when they visit.

23. I turn 25 this year.

24. And I’m a little scared.

25. Even though I know that’s silly.

22 thoughts on “25 Random Things.”

  1. I have to agree with the bodies of water. Now that I think about it, all of my love affairs involved a water setting– from pools to oceans.

    And you just reminded me of the live lady bugs in small plastic containers that I saw at Whole Foods yesterday. I freaked out. I like them as a design, but not as a live creature. I’m always afraid they would crawl into my ears. Haha.

  2. I don’t think it’s silly at all that you pick your favorite basketball teams based on how nice the players seem. It is just stupid, though, to think that Dwight Howard’s shoulders are bigger than mine. Have you ever seen my shoulders?

  3. I’m turning 27 this year which is frightening since I’ll no longer be in my mid-twenties, but late-twenties, which puts me a tad closer to 30 than I’d like to be. Clearly I’m not old, just another year older, and the time sure flies…

  4. THE BLACK BATHING SUIT! hahahaha i am dying right now of laughter.. we were just talking about the black bathing suit and how daddy hated it and went chasing you and your “hoodlum” boyfriend up the beach because you walked to far away from the group hahahaha ohh florida.

  5. I just turned 45- honey 25 is NOTHING. You’re on your way to getting way better with age, I can attest to that.

    I love the water themed love affairs too. I’m a Pisces, so water for me is much like love. I started to fall in love with Mike the first time he took me out on the lake in the family’s boat, and of course, again when I watched him rock the water skis for the first time. Every year he hits the water for the first time, I am reminded of falling in love with him on that very same lake. *sigh*

  6. Turning 25? Scared? Twice your age and life only gets better. Wait until there’s a kid in the picture.

    Swim in the Delaware? Been doing that for 20 years…until some locals near the mill in Stockton pointed out the venomous snakes. I’d like to see 51.

    1. Were they copperheads? I talked to the state park guys and they said the risk of running into them is really really low, but of course you’ve got to take the chance. I always wear my sneakers in. Where did you go in? We go about 1/2 mile up the road from Stockton, a great little place where you need to swim over the canal to get down to the river. Near the rope swing that all the kids use.

  7. “25” ! Girl wait until you turn 33…lol
    I’m right there with you about the Bay Area, my dream of dreams would be to pack up my husband and the girls and move to either San Fran or Seattle. I wish we had that kind of food scene here in New Jersey. I think we need to get something started…

  8. I agree about the water. Steve and I had that experience the first time we visited Monterey/Big Sur. Amazing.

    And that is totally a silly way to pick your favorite players haha (says a crazed basketball fan). Dwight Howard’s pretty cool though. And the goggles thing – I don’t like it either, but so many players have been scratched or hit in the eye this year – most significantly, Sun’s Stoudemire, who just had surgery for a detached retina *CRINGE*, so I can’t blame them.

    I’m curious to know how you were multiplying in a strange way. Because I love math and am a total numbers person and see calculations in my head…

    I need to finish my 25 for my FB page. Soon. After the million other things I haven’t been able to get to @*#&$^$.

    1. Love and water. There’s really something to it.

      I used to multiply on paper like this:

      – 66

      Totally. Hopeless.


      Can’t wait to read your 25.

      1. Haha! You’re not hopeless. I think it’s hilarious how you combined mathematical operations. It shows how your brain works logically, but in a different way. I mean that. I love seeing how other people see numbers.

        I’ll post my 25 on my blog, now that you mention it. 🙂

  9. Even though these things are really annoying on facebook, I’m addicted to them. They’re really revealing and interesting, and fun! I like how much you focused on your love– so cute. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’m going to be 41 this year in April. By the time I was 24 I had 4 kids and had been married for 7 years. At 25 I think you are doing just fine. Never fear, fear is a friend who’s misunderstood. Thats from a John Mayer song. It truly is the little things in life that last the longest and have the most impact on who you become. Humility is a blessing in disguise. It’s what keeps us humble and not take ourselves so serious. Being a grandma is where it is at.

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