The new digs.

The Delaware River, Stockton, New Jersey.

This is my new home. Stockton, New Jersey. On the Delaware River. I’ve walked down the path from my backyard to the river and I’ve jumped in for a swim. The water is warm, peaceful, too good to be true.

The canal.
The canal.

Once I get a handle on being the happiest person in the world, I promise I’ll post. About food. Maybe even grilled food since I now have a grill to use in my backyard. Or I could just cook in my 170 square foot kitchen. Or I could just barf from excitement—promise I won’t put up any pictures of that though!

Delaware River.

26 thoughts on “The new digs.”

  1. See! I knew it! I knew you were going to have a grill. 😛

    It’s gorgeous out there. I miss the northeast sometimes, even from lovely SoCal.

    Congratulations to you and Jimmy!!

  2. Vicki- Western Jersey is one of the most beautiful places I know… really love having so much “nature” while still being able to drive to a whole foods or mall within 15 miles.

    Melissa- Yes! You called it! I had SUCH a great burger the first night we were here. Thanks from me and Jimmy! 😀

  3. So, let’s see … you need a big-a** grill … one of those mounted in a stone wall … with an installed wet bar included … grilling fish from the river … what’s-is-name mixing drinks … plan, then plan summore! BTW, need pics of the kitchen … 😉

  4. OMG! I’m so jealous I can’t imagine having all that gorgeousness so near my home & water nice enough to swim in too.
    All you need now is a good enough wireless connection so you can use your laptop while sitting on the bank while the water flows over your feet keeping you cool. (while I sit next to you on my holiday thanking you for paying for my flight and eating all your cooking!)

  5. Congratulations! The scenery is absolutely gorgeous– I’ve been to Stockton, and I know it’s quite beautiful from first hand experience anyway. You are SO fortunate to have a backyard and sizable kitchen! Wow. I am jealous.

  6. Congrats girlie 🙂 That new place looks perfect to lay around with a good book and big glass of something great! With a kitchen that big, I expect some tasty recipes to be posted here soon. Enjoy the rest of your summer…

  7. That is wonderful! My house is still in the city, but a little off the beaten path too. Makes a huge difference in my sanity.

  8. Congrats on the new digs! Wow!

    So like…

    …when’s the party? [checking my schedule] we’ll be in philly in December. Just a thought. 🙂

  9. oh, wow! How wonderful, I am very jealous. It looks so wonderfully peaceful there and I can’t believe you can actually swim in that river!

  10. That is really beautiful Robin. I am totally jealous of the river and the water and can’t wait to see what you do with your grill. And from this end, I have also been enjoying lazy days of summer with books, iced tea and glasses of delicious chilled wine.

  11. this post is seriously making me realize that we just have to move out of NYC – not only do you have space and a river to swim in, you have a backyard and (let me guess) a dishwasher!??!? it’s the little things at this point that will make me happy. it looks beautiful! good luck. -amy

  12. Yes, the Delaware is beautiful. Enjoy it in every way.
    But, be very cautious swimming. We swam in the Delaware near the Mill between Stockton and Lambertville for many years, until a few young people pointed out the snake population and suggested more than a few might be poisonous.

    The Bucks County/Hunterdon County area is filled with excellent restaurants (you’ve already discovered Via Ponte). Please share some of your dining experiences here!

  13. Donald – I’ll be in California (maybe) in December, but if I’m here, we’d love to go out in Philly for some eats! I heard of a place that makes sausage and broccoli rabe hoagies. Mmm.

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