¡Hola Fruta! ¡Hola Moving to a New Apartment!

The week before you move into a new apartment, you don’t eat much but pizza and ice cream. You’ve packed your pots and pans, cleaned out all the fresh food from the fridge, and your current apartment is a maze of boxes that you wouldn’t risk carrying a hot plate through.

Luckily for me, Pierre’s Ice Cream had me covered. A representative from a branch of Pierre’s, ¡Hola Fruta!, contacted me last week. ¡Hola Fruta! makes all-natural, low-fat sherbets of many Spanish-centric fruit (and drink mix) flavors—and they wanted to send me samples! I could hardly stop from jumping for joy—I knew I was in for some grueling days of packing and this would do just the trick to perk me up.

I’ve tried the strawberry and mango sherbets, which are deliciously light and sweet, with a creamy texture that you just can’t get with sorbet. Then I tried the pina colada and pomegranate-blueberry sherbet pops, which were intense and fruity and perfect for when you need to use one hand to pack boxes while the other holds your pop.

And then, after the packing was done, I tried the margarita… in a margarita. The ¡Hola Fruta! website gives a recipe using tequila, triple sec, ice, and the sherbet—and man, it is good. It is, like, forget all about how exhausted you are from packing and how sad you are that it’s only half-done good. It’s, by far, the best margarita I’ve ever had good.

Tomorrow’s the big moving day and I’ll be without internet until next week, but I urge you to go right on over the ¡Hola Fruta! store and buy some sherbet. I know I’ll be going back for more—which makes me think this whole offering samples thing is a ruse, because everytime some company offers me samples, I become a die-hard customer, spending even more money on food than I already do. Ah, well, let me forget about all that while I have another margarita.


recipe from ìHola Fruta!

6 oz tequila
2 oz triple sec
3 generous scoops of Margarita ¡Hola Fruta!® Sherbet
1 cup crushed ice

In an electric blender, blend crushed ice, tequila, triple sec and ¡Hola Fruta!® Sherbet. Blend at high speed for a short length of time until smooth. Pour into glass and serve.

15 thoughts on “¡Hola Fruta! ¡Hola Moving to a New Apartment!”

  1. Mmmmm – too bad their margarita flavor wasn’t actually the frozen margarita from their recipe. That would be the best kind of pick me up!
    Great review. I’m off to check them out 🙂

  2. Lately I’m hooked on a brand called Ciao Bella. Have never seen your Hola Fruta but that the name is in Spanish (my native language), predisposes me favorably to it already. Will look it up. Thanks.

  3. Ooh, how can I get in on the corporate shilling and free products?

    The only thing worse than moving is moving in the summer. Or during a rainstorm. I’ve done both. 😦

  4. I’ve been getting emails about hola fruta that have been annoying me. But this stuff is good? I may have to try it. I love sherbet, it’s about three times better than sorbet in my mind. Just that touch of creaminess makes all the difference. And they’re all natural you say…..sign me up!

  5. !Hola delicious! I’ll have to scope out my local Dillon’s (I did the store locator on their website!) for some of this frozen goodness.

  6. Hey Everyone,

    I’m all moved in! The apartment is great and the town’s wonderful (I’ve been swimming in the Delaware right up the street from my place!!) Annnnndddd…. I have a grill!! YAY!

    I’ll be posting soon.

    : D

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