Because giggling is even hotter when dubbed.

Did you hear? The original Iron Chef is coming back to TV! It premieres tonight on the Fine Living Network at 11. I can’t wait to hear the dubbed-in voices of the Japanese women judges, who always look like they’re saying something more intelligent than what we hear in English—the English laden with high-pitched Americanized giggling. This girlish giggling is louder than I’ve ever heard a Japanese woman laugh. Why can’t we just hear the real giggling? Maybe it’s not American enough, too subdued or something. Or maybe it’s just that giggling is even hotter when dubbed.

I doubt it. But boy, do I love Iron Chef.

2 thoughts on “Because giggling is even hotter when dubbed.”

  1. I didn’t know that, I’m lookin forward to it! I like the American version but it’s a little overly-dramatic and corny with the host (not Alton). Although I feel like the original version will be even worse in that respect.

    The Peanut Butter Boy

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