Hangover Corned-Beef Hash

Even though my St. Patrick’s Day was filled with doctor’s appointments and physical therapy, I figured there might be a few of you out there nursing a hangover and in need of an easy dinner. Corned beef hash is the ticket if you have any leftovers.

To tell the truth, Jim and I didn’t end up eating the usual corned beef and cabbage at all—rather, we made the meal into hash right from the start. Although we knew we wouldn’t be having hangovers (I think we probably got to bed before 10 last night), I wanted an easy, reheatable meal for later in the week when things get hectic before our vacation next week (yippee!).

The recipe is from Bon Appetit last month—you know, the one that showed un-lazy people (unlike me) how to make their own corned beef. It’s mainly just all your leftovers, thrown into a pot and cooked with some beaten egg. But don’t let my plainness fool you—it’s delicious, extravagant, and a wholly different way to eat your leftovers. The egg works to make the dish creamy and uber-comforting. Who wouldn’t want some hash to nurse a hangover (or just a bad case of the Tuesdays?)

Enjoy. And remember to hydrate.

Corned Beef Hash

from Bon Appetit March ’08

1/4 cup finely chopped fat trimmings reserved from Homemade Irish Corned Beef and Vegetables or 1/4 cup finely chopped bacon
2/3 cup finely chopped red onion
1/2 cup chopped cabbage reserved from corned beef
1/2 cup chopped root vegetables (mixture of carrots, turnips, and parsnips) reserved from corned beef
2 cups finely chopped corned beef
2 cups chopped potatoes reserved from corned beef
2 large eggs, beaten to blend
2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) butter or olive oil

Heat large nonstick skillet over medium heat; add fat trimmings and sauté until light brown and fat renders, about 3 minutes. Add red onion to skillet and sauté until soft, about 5 minutes. Add cabbage and chopped root vegetable mixture and sauté 5 minutes. Transfer vegetable mixture to bowl; stir in corned beef and potatoes. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Add beaten eggs and toss to coat.

Melt butter in same skillet over medium-high heat. Add corned beef hash mixture and cook until golden brown on bottom, occasionally pressing down with spatula, about 4 minutes. Turn hash mixture over in small portions and cook until second side is golden brown, occasionally pressing down with spatula, about 3 more minutes.

Meanwhile, bring water in reserved skillet to simmer. Using slotted spoon, gently transfer eggs back to skillet. Cook just until yolks are softly set, about 2 minutes.

Divide corned beef hash among plates. Top hash with one or two poached eggs if you like.

12 thoughts on “Hangover Corned-Beef Hash”

  1. why is hash the only thing I want after a rough morning? it must have something to do with the eggs. In any case, adding in some corned beef is bound to make you feel ten times better.

  2. Hahaha, I could have used some of this yesterday morning… Even today, though, it looks incredible!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This was truly delicious. But don’t be fooled by the pictures: we did not mold neat little patties of hash and daintily pick at them with our forks. We slopped it down and slurped it up, No utensils. No bullshit.

    (Actually much bullshit. I’m sorry, I can’t help myself.)

  4. That looks delicious. A nice combo of just about everything in there, perfect after a night of Guinness. Looks like it’d fill you up nice and quick too. Not sure about a Tuesday morning breakfast, but surely a Saturday or Sunday brunch.

    Peanut Butter Boy

  5. I adore cornbeef hash, guess that is the Yankee in me. Will tuck this one away as I am on a Southern Kitchen sabbatical for a year. Thanks to you I am hydrating.

  6. Claudia- I actually didn’t have the poached egg on it, though Jim did and he swears it shouldn’t be any other way.

    Amanda- hash is ahh, so comforting!

    Dana- hangover or not, it’s still good 😀

    Jim- You are silly. And I love you.

    Julia- I don’t know if this beats out a good egg and cheese sandwhich but it’ll be close!

    Nick- Maybe Tuesday night dinner? If you had enough of a hangover it might still feel like morning?

    Kim- I love reading about your Southern Sabbatical, but I’m sure you’ll love this when you’re done!

    Ann- Yes, fried egg makes everything even better!! 😀

  7. We really like your emailers and of course, for many years, your magazine, but there appears to be no way to print out just the recipes here. I don’t need all the wonderful photos to take to the kitchen with me while making your wonderful things like Old Fashioned Meat loaf or this Hangover Hash. What am I missing to being able to get just the recipes? Best, Tom Dawson, Pacific Palisades, California 90272

    1. Hi Tom,

      No, there isn’t a way to print out the recipe by itself–except to copy the text and paste it into a Word or text document and then print. I am currently running from a free WordPress.com blog and don’t have the ability to use a “plug-in” that would allow for me to have a print-only-recipe option. I may be switching to a different web host soon, though. Thanks for reading.

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