Birthday Slice

My mom took me out shopping for my birthday (which is on Saturday) and I got a shiny new mandoline. Excitedly, I tried it out on some limes when I got home, reminding myself to watch my fingers and conjuring up the many images of bandaged thumbs on various blogs from mandoline-related accidents. Despite all of that, I cut myself. The moment I was slicing off a bit of my thumb, I laughed, thinking, “but of course, who was I to think that I wouldn’t injure myself on the first try?”

No matter how much blood is shed, though, the mandoline makes a hell of a lime slice. The drink I poured to ease my (honestly, not very intense) pain was delicious.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Slice”

  1. I’m looking forward to the entry about your upcoming kick-ass birthday night. That’s what I wanna read.

  2. I’m scared to death of mandolines…I know my injury would be a severed hand or something with how clumsy I can be.
    I hope you have a great birthday!

  3. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes and mandoline warnings!

    Lisa- Thanks for the compliment and the warning! You have a great site–it must be so hard to live far from your tex-mex food!

    Jenn- I did have a guard, I cut myself when I was opening the thing up!
    And thanks for adding my to The Foodie Blog Roll!

    Everyone should join!

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