Nobody knows the truffles I’ve seen…

I imagine everyone who writes a food-blog dreams of one day opening their own restaurant or cafe (if they haven’t already), or landing Frank Bruni’s job at the NYT. Me too. Throughout high school and college, I worked in ice-cream shops and cafes, and since then I’ve been dreaming of my own place. Reading Alice Medrich’s Bittersweet only made things worse. So, if I can’t open up my own shop yet, I might as well bake.

These brownies are simple and delicious. I used 99% unsweetened Michel Cluizel chocolate—well worth the money. You can add nuts if you like, but personally, I don’t want anything to detract from the chocolate. This is Alice Medrich’s recipe for “Classic Unsweetened-Chocolate Brownies,” followed exactly. Next batch I’m going to play around with them and maybe add 1/4 cup less sugar. I also plan on letting the next batch of batter sit covered in the fridge for a night or two before baking because Medrich says this makes dark-chocolate brownies more chewy and delicious. I just couldn’t wait that long last night!

I’m actually not sure if it’s appropriate to post published recipes verbatim on a blog, even if you give credit. Can anyone answer this for me? For now I’ll just give you a picture of my little ones on a cute strawberry box-top:

Classic Brownie

2 thoughts on “Nobody knows the truffles I’ve seen…”

  1. hi robin! i just found your blog. it’s nice in here!

    here are a few articles about recipe copyright issues:

    foodblogging-wise, i think the general consensus is that it’s not illegal, but you might have some ethical issues against it. some people ask for permission from the publishing houses, but most people attribute the recipe to the book/author/ or provide a link. the only chef in recent memory who seems to mind both republishing and linking to a recipe on his site is jamie oliver–edward from wino-sapien had some problems recently ( ). i have had problems with my recipes turning up on one of those recipe-collections sites; someone accusing me of stealing the recipes from there (clearly a case of cut-and-paste from my blog, though, misspellings and grammatical errors included). i rarely post a recipe, mainly because i’m lazy and not because i have an ethical issue against it.

    i look forward to reading through your archives whilst awaiting for future posts!

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